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As we age we may struggle with maintaining our independence or are vulnerable and unable to take care of ourselves. Families may be concerned about the best way to give an elderly loved one the support they need. A guardianship may be the best option.

Establishing a Guardianship for a Loved One

An appointed guardian takes over the financial responsibilities for their loved one or may be responsible for providing care for the individual. A guardianship may be full or limited, depending on the level of care the recipient needs. Texas guardianships restrict the beneficiary’s rights, and therefore, the process has strict guidelines to preserve the agency and independence of the person.

Limited authority guardianships may either work with the individual to ensure their daily needs are met, such as personal care and taking care of the home, or supervising their finances. On the other hand, full guardianships give control over financial and health care decisions entirely to the guardian.

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What is the Guardianship Process?

Becoming a guardian requires three steps:

  1. Apply with the court
  2. Attend a hearing to prove guardianship is necessary
  3. The judge appoints the guardian

Proving the need for a guardian requires a medical evaluation of your loved one’s capability and ability to make sound financial decisions and care for themselves. When someone applies to become a guardian, the potential ward is served legal documents, which offers them the opportunity to seek legal representation for the process.

The attorney ad litem represents the ward. Both the ward and the potential guardian appear in court unless the ward is medically or otherwise unable to. The person seeking to become a guardian will testify about why guardianship is necessary.

A guardianship attorney, advises you about the process and helps you prepare for court. We’ll explain your fiduciary duty to your ward and how to protect their assets.

Our firm works with families to understand the alternatives to guardianship and how to best protect and care for their loved ones. We’ll help you understand when guardianship is necessary and what to expect from the process.

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How Can I Choose a Guardianship Attorney?

There are several things to look for when seeking the services of a guardianship attorney, such as:

  • Someone experienced in elder law and Texas guardianship processes
  • Makes you and your loved one feel comfortable about the process
  • Responds to your questions and communicates frequently
  • Advocates for your family’s and loved one’s best interests

Attorney Christene “Chris” Krupa Downs has nearly ten years of experience working with elder care and guardianship law. Trust our firm to put your family and loved ones’ needs first.

Krupa Downs Law, PLLC: Your Guardianship Attorney In Dallas, Texas

Deciding to seek guardianship of an elderly or infirm loved one is never an easy decision but may be necessary. At Krupa Downs Law, PLLC, we are here to help you make this transition as easy as possible. We work with families to determine the best course of action when their loved ones can no longer care for themselves without support. Contact us for a consult.

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