The Obligations Of A Guardian For Adults With Disabilities in Plano, TX

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Some adults with disabilities may be unable to live independently, make sound financial decisions, and advocate for their own interests. Many Plano families may wonder what their options are for an adult family member who may never be able to live independently.

A guardianship is a legal structure that enables one person (the guardian) to make financial, legal or healthcare decisions on behalf of another (the ward). A guardian for an adult with disabilities may make healthcare decisions for them or may manage their finances, like ensuring that funds in a Special Needs Trust are properly used to benefit the ward. A lawyer familiar with Texas guardianship laws can help you learn more about legal guardianship for adults with disabilities in Plano, TX.

Creating a Guardianship for an Adult With Disabilities In
Plano, Texas

Texas law establishes two kinds of guardianships:

  • Limited, which permits control over the ward’s finances or personal care, but not both
  • Full, which gives the guardian control over financial and personal care aspects of the ward’s life

Because legal guardianship for adults with disabilities in Plano, Tx, gives so much control over the agency of another, Texas laws regarding guardianships are understandably stringent. The duties and responsibilities of a guardian are serious; a local Plano guardianship attorney can help you understand your obligations before you start the process.

Guardian for adults with disabilities in plano tx

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The Guardianship Process in Texas

Working with an experienced guardianship attorney in Plano can help you navigate the complexities of the guardianship application, evaluation of the ward, and legal processes. The ward must undergo an examination to determine their need for a guardian and their capacity for making sound decisions for themselves.

Then, the potential guardian submits an application to the county court, petitioning for a guardianship hearing. The ward may also have legal representation, and each party may make a case for why a guardianship is necessary. As your attorneys, we guide you through the correct manner to do this and help prepare you for the hearing.

At the conclusion of the competency hearing, the judge will either approve or deny your application for guardianship. If approved, your guardianship attorney can help you with the next steps to care for your ward.

Why Should I Work With a Plano Guardianship Attorney?

Your Plano guardianship lawyer directs the proceeding, ensuring you meet all legal requirements for guardianship. They also walk you through the responsibilities a guardian has towards the ward. At Krupa Downs Law, we work with our clients to ensure they are willing to assume the fiduciary duties of guardianship and prepared to execute their responsibilities.

How Do You Choose a Plano Guardianship Attorney?

Attorney Christine “Chris” Krupa Downs has more than ten years of experience ensuring the safety and security of people in Texas guardianships. She has a deep knowledge of the applicable statutes, and her law firm focuses on helping families understand the adult guardianship procedure in Texas.

A legal firm that understands your family’s concerns during this difficult time and offers compassionate representation facilitates the process. The experienced guardianship attorneys at Krupa Downs Law ensure that all parties fully understand the legal conditions of guardianship for an adult with disabilities and are prepared to honor their obligations.

Krupa Downs Law, PLLC: Your Guardianship Attorney In Plano, Texas

Establishing guardianship may be the best option to protect your loved one. However, the decision can be emotional, so we gladly discuss alternatives with the guardian and ward. Our goal is to help families protect their loved ones, not restrict an individual’s freedom.

If you want to discuss your options about guardianship in Plano, please contact us online or call Krupa Downs Law, PLLC, at 214-556-3862.