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Why People May Need a Probate Attorney in Dallas, Texas

After someone passes away, all their possessions, bank accounts, and property become part of their estate. Probate is the legal way these assets are transferred from the deceased to their heirs and beneficiaries. Usually, it’s done according to a will, with a named executor responsible for ensuring that the terms of the will are followed. Sometimes, though, a person dies without a will. A probate attorney in Dallas, can help your family process your loved one’s estate in this event. We also help people named as executors learn what obligations this duty has of them.

As licensed probate attorneys, we know Texas probate laws very well and keep abreast of any changes that can affect your situation. Our role is to guide you through the probate process and answer any questions you have.

Our probate legal services include:

  • Appraising the property of the person who passed away
  • Identifying and securing that person’s assets
  • Determining and paying if inheritance or estate taxes are owed
  • Making final distributions after paying all bills and taxes
  • Handling the proceeds from life insurance
  • Preparing necessary court documents

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When you need the services of a probate attorney in Dallas, contact our legal team. We provide thoughtful advice and practical support with estate planning, guardianship, probate, and other elder law concerns.


Probate and Estate Administration

An estate must legally have a personal representative to administer matters and act on its behalf. Usually, this is the executor of the will. Without a will, Texas probate courts appoint someone to this role. Our attorneys also provide professional estate representative services or advice for executors who may need help knowing where to start. We can help you inventory, value, and allocate your loved one's estate, paying valid debts and dispersing the contents to their heirs.

Living wills

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

Estate planning involves putting legal protections in place so your property is passed along to the persons you choose. It can reduce the tax burden for your heirs and ensure that those who depend on you are provided for. Estate planning isn't just for after you pass away. It also protects you should you become injured or incapacitated, such as drafting a living will, advanced directives, and powers of attorney to honor your wishes.

We work with your current financial picture and goals to create the right legal protections for you and your family.


Will Preparation

Your Dallas wills and trusts attorney from Krupa Downs Law creates a will to ensure your wishes are honored and places protections so that it can't be successfully challenged. We help you decide on the right person for its executor and write the will in compliance with Texas estate laws.

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H3 Trusts

A trust is a legal entity that holds assets and property separate from the rest of a person's estate. It's administered by a trustee, responsible for ensuring that the terms of the trust are followed and the assets allocated per those terms. Trusts protect assets from creditors and direct specific monies or property to pass to the beneficiary (ies) at an allotted time.

Estate Administration and Probate in
Dallas, Texas

Loved ones mourning the loss of a family member may need professional legal assistance with estate administration and probate. Our licensed Texas lawyers guide you through the process.

Muniment of Title Probate

Muniment of title probate is best for simple, straightforward estates containing no publicly traded securities or bonds. A judge validates the will and legally transfers titles to the beneficiaries. It’s also a good option for situations when someone dies intestate.

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Probate Law

Dependent Administration

The probate court oversees dependent administration, which means ensuring an estate is settled according to Texas estate law. If a creditor petitions the estate for debts or a dispute arises, the oversight provided by the dependent administration will adjudicate the matter.

Small Estate Affidavits

Small estate affidavits expedite the settlement of smaller estates, so they move quickly through probate court. This method eliminates the need for formal probate and is usually the method of estate allocation used when someone dies intestate. Small estate affidavits can only be used if the estate contains less than $75,000 in property, excluding homestead and exempt property.

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Estate planning protects your own interests and provides a legacy to pass on to your heirs and beneficiaries. Contact Krupa Downs Law PLLC, a Dallas Probate Attorney today to receive more information on how these different parts of an estate plan can help.