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Over time, Carrollton residents may realize that they cannot do the things they once could and struggle to care for themselves. As people age, there may come a time when they need additional support. Families may want to learn more about guardianships, which can be used as tools to give their loved ones the care they need at a time when they are at their most vulnerable. At this point a Guardianship Attorney in Carrollton, may be needed.

Establishing a Guardianship for a Loved One In Carrollton, Texas

A guardianship is designed to help an appointed guardian take over the responsibilities of caring for their loved one or their loved one’s finances. Guardianships may be full or limited, making it so the guardian may help with their loved one’s finances or only with their personal daily care and health care needs. A guardianship in Texas restricts some of a person’s rights, which is why there are strict guidelines and processes to help preserve as much of the person’s right to make decisions and remain independent as is reasonable. In a limited authority guardianship, the guardian might only work with the individual to handle their finances appropriately. They may also only work with the individual to ensure their daily needs are met. Full guardianships are seen more often, and those hand over health care and financial decisions to the guardian completely.

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What’s the Process to Become a Guardian?

There are three general steps to becoming a guardian.
  1. First, file an application with the court
  2. Next, go to a court hearing to show why a guardianship is necessary
  3. Third, have the judge appoint you as a guardian
The legal process to become a guardian requires your loved one to go through a medical evaluation to determine if they actually are incapacitated. Your loved one will also be served legal documents regarding the guardianship, so they have the opportunity to seek legal assistance. An attorney ad litem is normally appointed to represent the ward. Following this, you and the ward will appear in court unless the ward is medically frail or unable to appear for other legitimate reasons. You will be expected to testify about why a guardianship is needed at the hearing. We work with families to help them understand the alternatives to guardianship and what to do if a guardianship is necessary. We’ll help you go through each part of this process so you have the best opportunity to obtain a guardianship to help your loved one.

Why Do You Need to Work with a Guardianship Attorney?

A guardianship attorney in Carrollton can guide you through the process to apply for a guardianship, so you are well-prepared for court. As your attorney, we will make sure you are clear on your fiduciary obligations and understand the steps that have to be taken to protect your loved one’s assets. We’ll provide you with the information you need to understand what to expect in court and after the guardianship is granted.

How Do You Choose a Carrollton Guardianship Attorney?

There are several things to look for in a guardianship attorney in Carrollton, Texas? You should seek help from an attorney who:
  1. Practices elder law and understands the guardianship process in Texas
  2. Takes time to make you and your loved ones feel comfortable with the guardianship process
  3. Responds and corresponds with you in a reasonable amount of time
  4. Can adequately represent you and your loved one’s best interests
Attorney Christene “Chris” Krupa Downs has nearly ten years of experience working with elder care and guardianship law. Our office puts
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Krupa Downs Law, PLLC: Your Guardianship Attorney In Carrollton, Texas

It is never an easy choice to seek a guardianship for a loved one, but this difficult decision may be necessary. We work with families to determine the best course of action when their loved ones can no longer care for themselves without support. At Krupa Downs Law, PLLC, we are here to help you make this transition as easy as possible.