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Many Prosper, Texas residents struggle with maintaining their independence and be challenged with personal care or mobility. As people age, they may need additional support or may be unable to make responsible decisions for themselves or their finances. Many Prosper families may be seeking a guardianship attorney in Prosper, to help protect a vulnerable loved one.

Establishing a Guardianship In Prosper, Texas

A guardianship appoints a legal guardian to take over an individual’s care or manage their finances. Guardianships are either limited, in which the guardian is responsible for either finances or personal care, or full, in which the guardian makes decisions for both aspects of the person’s life. Texas guardianships restrict the individual’s rights, and therefore the rules for establishing guardianships are strict. The process is intended to verify that the control is necessary and to what degree. Full guardianships are the most common, handing over both fiscal and health care decisions, including whether or not to place the ward into a residential care home.

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The Guardianship Process

Texas courts require three steps to establish either a full or limited guardianship:

  • File an application with the court
  • Attend a hearing to demonstrate why guardianship is necessary
  • Have the judge appoint a guardian

The person for whom a guardianship is requested is called a ward. Often a medical evaluation is necessary to determine if the individual is incapacitated, and legal documents are served to advise them about the guardianship petition. The ward may appoint legal counsel to represent them at the hearing, called an attorney ad litem. Then, the petitioner and the ward attend the hearing unless the ward is medically frail or unable to appear for other legitimate reasons. The potential guardian testifies about why guardianship is necessary. A guardianship attorney in Prosper, can help guide you and your family through this process and help you understand alternatives to guardianship.

Christene Krupa DownsReviewsout of 7 reviews
Christene “Chris” Krupa Downs
Rated by Super Lawyers

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Why Do You Need to Work with a Guardianship Attorney?

A guardianship attorney can guide you through the process, from initial filing through preparing for the hearing. As your legal representative, we ensure you understand your fiduciary obligations and the steps that have to be taken to protect your loved one’s assets. We provide the information you need to understand what will happen in court and what to expect after the guardianship is granted.

How Do You Choose a Prosper Guardianship Attorney?

A good guardianship attorney will have a few key qualifications:

  • Specialize in elder law
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the Texas guardianship process
  • Provides consistent updates and regular communication
  • Professionally represents your and your loved one’s interests

Krupa Downs Law, PLLC: Your Guardianship Attorney In Prosper, TX

Seeking a guardian for your loved one is never an easy choice, but this difficult decision may be necessary. Because of guardianships’ sensitive and emotional nature, it’s best to work with an experienced and compassionate legal team. If your loved ones can no longer take care of themselves, contact us to speak with a guardianship attorney in Prosper, Texas.

Growth of Prosper and the DFW metroplex

Prosper is a peaceful, family-friendly suburb in the northern part of the thriving DFW metroplex. It’s a growing city, about 30 miles from the Dallas city center. The public school system ranks #11 out of 701 total Texas public school systems. With new residential neighborhoods and more businesses moving to the community, and plenty of public parks, Prosper offers residents the benefits of a small-town way of life with the perks of living near a large metro area.