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Probate, Estate Planning, and Guardianship

Probate & Estate Administration, Guardianship, Wills, Estate Planning & Trusts

I understand that it isn’t easy to talk about death or planning for death. I also understand that it is difficult to think about what needs to happen after the death of a loved one. I believe in my mission of providing my clients with caring representation that makes them feel comfortable having these conversations with me and that at the end of my representation, they feel like I helped them.

To accomplish my mission, I will actively listen to my clients to not only hear what is spoken but what is unspoken; I will treat my clients with respect, kindness, compassion and empathy; and I will learn about them and their lives; I will speak in plain English and do my best to minimize the use “legalese;” and I will provide legal services in a timely and efficient manner.

What I do

I am an estate planning Attorney engaged in kind and person-centered planning that enhances the systems of love and support for families throughout all walks of life. I am here to help families after the death of a loved one and to guide families through the guardianship process.

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Probate & Estate Administration

Probating and administering an estate can be handled several different ways in Texas.

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Texas Law provides a legal system and assistance for assigning a guardian for those who are incapacitated.

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Wills, Estate Planning & Trusts

Several types of documents can be used in a Texas estate plan; wills, living wills, and living trusts are most common.

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Transfer my guardianship

Can I Transfer My Guardianship In Texas?

Understanding Your Responsibilities If You or Your Ward Move Life changes, and sometimes, those changes require moving. If you have legal guardianship over another person, such as a minor or your adult child with special needs, you already understand your duties

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