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As many seniors in McKinney get older, they may realize they cannot care for themselves independently or enjoy activities they once used to. Some families may notice that their loved one is having trouble managing their finances or personal care and could be considering guardianship. This legal arrangement appoints a caretaker for someone who is elderly or infirm. If you’re considering this option for a family member, a knowledgeable guardianship attorney in McKinney, can help.

Establishing a Guardianship for a Loved One

A guardian is appointed to care for another individual’s finances or personal care if they cannot do so themselves. Guardianships are either limited, focusing on just personal care, finances, or full, covering both aspects for the ward. In Texas, guardianships significantly restrict the ward’s rights and therefore are governed by strict protocols for filing and administering the guardianship. Full guardianships are the most common, although limited guardianships may be a better option in some cases.


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What is the Process to Become a Guardian?

Texas guardianships have a three-step process:


First, file an application with the court

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Next, go to a court hearing to show why a guardianship is necessary

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Third, have the judge appoint you as a guardian

This process begins with a medical evaluation of the individual to determine the extent of their incapacity. If it’s determined that they cannot care for themselves, then the potential guardian will serve a legal petition. At this point, the ward may appoint an attorney ad litem to represent them. Then, there is a court hearing that the ward and potential guardian attend unless the ward is medically fragile or otherwise unable to participate. You’ll have to testify as to why a guardianship is necessary, and the warm may respond. The Krupa Downs legal team works with McKinney families to help them understand why a guardianship is necessary and if there are alternatives to this position.

Why Should I Work With a McKinney Guardianship Attorney?

A McKinney guardianship attorney helps families learn more about the guardianship process and what to expect in court. We ensure that you also understand your fiduciary duty to your ward and what is expected of you once the guardianship is granted.

How Do I Choose Guardianship Attorney in McKinney Texas?

Look for an attorney and law firm that is local that understands Texas guardianship laws, and one that:

  • Practices elder law and understands the guardianship process in Texas
  • Takes time to make you and your loved ones feel comfortable with the guardianship process
  • Responds and corresponds with you in a reasonable amount of time
  • Can competently represent your and your loved one’s best interests

Local attorney Christine “Chris” Krupa Downs has ten years of experience working with guardianship law and elder care. Our office puts you, our client, first. As a local McKinney guardianship attorney, Chris Krupa Downs deeply understands Texas guardianship laws and can give the professional advice you and your family require.

Growth of McKinney and the DFW Metroplex

McKinney’s slogan is “Unique By Nature,” which is what this thriving North Dallas suburb delivers. McKinney truly has something for everyone with a diverse economy, a superior school system, and plenty of local community events. The city’s population is over 200,000 and is steadily growing. Seniors in McKinney have fast access to the Baylor Scott and White hospitals and medical care systems, which offer specialty care and 24/7 emergency care.

Krupa Downs Law, PLLC: Your Guardianship Attorney In McKinney, Texas

It is never easy to seek guardianship for a loved one, but this difficult decision may be necessary. We work with families to determine the best course of action when their loved ones can no longer care for themselves without support. At Krupa Downs Law, PLLC, we are here to help McKinney families make this transition as easy as possible. Contact us today to learn about your options.