Guardianship of Adults with Disabilities in Frisco, TX: Krupa Downs Law's Expert Guidance

Many adults with disabilities may not be able to make sound healthcare or financial decisions for themselves. Some may be unable to live independently and require help with personal care or mobility. A guardianship may be an option for your family, appointing someone to act on behalf of the adult with disabilities and make decisions in their best interests.

Krupa Downs Law, PLLC, helps families like yours establish a guardianship for a loved one with disabilities. This legal structure permits one party to act on behalf of another by making decisions about the individual’s living accommodations, health care, or finances. A lawyer familiar with the laws establishing guardianship of adults with disabilities in Frisco, TX, can help you understand the obligations of a guardian and give you information to make the right decision for your family.

Guardianship of adults with disabilities in frisco tx

Establishing a Guardianship of Adults With Disabilities in Frisco, Texas

Texas law sets forth two kinds of guardianships:

  • Full, permitting the guardian control over both financial and personal care aspects of the ward
  • Limited, giving control over the ward’s care or finances, but not both

Guardianships give substantial control over an individual’s agency, so Texas laws are strict and specific about the requirements to place a guardianship on someone. Guardians have significant ethical and fiduciary obligations to the ward and must complete certain paperwork to ensure they comply with Texas laws. A local Frisco guardianship attorney can explain these obligations in detail.

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The Guardianship Procedure in Texas

The legal team at Krupa Downs Law starts the guardianship process by determining whether the adult in question, the potential ward, requires a guardian, either limited or full. They will undergo a medical and psychological exam to determine the extent of their disabilities and their capability to make financial or medical care decisions. This report will be presented alongside your petition for guardianship.

The next step is filing your petition for guardianship in a Texas court. Your Frisco, TX, guardianship attorney represents you in the hearing. In contrast, the potential ward is usually represented by an attorney ad litem or an attorney representing the interests of the adult with disabilities.

The judge listens to the evidence from both parties and determines whether to grant the guardianship petition. If you’re successful, then your attorney will explain the next steps and your duties to your ward.

Why Should I Work With a Frisco, TX, Guardianship Attorney?

A guardianship lawyer can facilitate your petition for a guardianship for an adult with disabilities, answering your questions and handling all legal matters associated with your petition. The Krupa Downs legal team can help you properly file the petition, gather supporting evidence, and represent you in court.

How Should I Select a Frisco Guardianship Attorney?

Attorney Christine “Chris” Krupa Downs has been working with Texas families seeking guardianships for over a decade, providing bespoke legal advice and compassionate representation during some of the most challenging times in their lives. Her deep knowledge of the applicable Texas statutes and focus on helping families means that you are in good hands as you pursue a guardianship for an adult with disabilities.

Our role as your legal advisor is to guide you through the guardianship process and offer alternatives for consideration. We ensure you understand your legal obligations and are prepared to honor those.

Krupa Downs Law, PLLC: Your Guardianship Attorney In Frisco, Texas

A guardianship may be the ideal situation for your loved one, but coming to this decision can be difficult and emotional. We discuss your options and review how this decision can benefit your loved one. We aim to help families protect their loved ones, not overly restrict an individual’s freedom and rights.

If you want to discuss your options about guardianship in Frisco, please fill out our online contact form or call Krupa Downs Law, PLLC, at 214-556-3862.

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