Guardianship of Adults with Disabilities in Dallas, TX

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A Local Dallas, TX, Guardianship Attorney Helps You Understand Your Legal Options

Families of an adult with disabilities often worry about their loved one’s care and protection. Many adults with disabilities may be unable to live independently or have difficulty making good decisions about their finances or personal care. Our Dallas guardianship attorneys often talk to families wondering how they can help their loved ones with disabilities.

A common choice is to establish a guardianship for the adult with disabilities, either a partial guardianship, wherein the guardian controls the decisions for the ward’s healthcare, personal care, or finances, or a full guardianship, with the guardian making decisions in all areas. A guardian’s responsibilities and fiduciary duties are heavy; local Dallas adults with disabilities guardianship attorneys can ensure that you understand and can meet them.

Establishing a Guardianship for an Adult With Disabilities In Dallas, Texas

Guardianships in Texas exert significant control over the agency of the ward, and Texas recognizes this and enacted strict laws about the necessity of guardianship and the guardian’s duties. A guardian has severe fiduciary duties toward their ward; an experienced Dallas guardianship attorney can help you understand the rights and responsibilities of a guardian for an adult with disabilities.

Guardianship of adults with disabilities in dallas tx

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The Guardianship Process For Adults With Disabilities in Texas

The first step in establishing guardianship for an adult with disabilities is scheduling a medical and psychological evaluation of the potential ward to see if guardianship is truly necessary. A professional will examine your loved one and recommend whether guardianship is needed and whether full or partial guardianship would be best for the ward.

Next, you and your Dallas guardianship attorney will petition the Dallas County courts to seek a hearing to establish guardianship. As your Dallas guardianship lawyers, the Krupa Downs Law firm prepares and files the petition on your behalf and helps you prepare for the hearing.

An attorney ad litem may represent the potential ward, and you will have your own Dallas guardianship attorney. Each side presents evidence to the judge, who determines if and what kind of guardianship best meets the ward’s needs.

Why Should I Work With a Dallas Adults With Disabilities
Guardianship Attorney?

Navigating the process of establishing guardianship of adults with disabilities in Texas is complicated; the advice and insight of a skilled Dallas guardianship attorney facilitate the process and ensure that your petition is drafted correctly, supported with evidence, and filed promptly. At Krupa Downs Law, we walk you through the responsibilities and duties of a guardianship attorney so you are clear on the expectations.

How Do You Select a Dallas Guardianship Attorney?

Attorney Christine “Chris” Krupa Downs has over ten years of experience as a Dallas guardianship attorney, responsible for preserving the safety and security of adults with disabilities in Texas guardianships. She has a deep knowledge of the relevant laws, and her legal team seeks to help families like yours understand the adult guardianship procedure in Dallas.

An attorney who understands your family’s concerns during this stressful time and offers compassionate representation makes the procedure easier. An experienced guardianship lawyer from Krupa Downs Law will ensure all participants fully understand the legal obligations of guardianship for an adult with disabilities and are prepared to fulfill their obligations.

Krupa Downs Law, PLLC: Experienced Guardianship Attorney
In Dallas, Texas

Establishing guardianship may be the best choice for an adult with disabilities. Our attorneys know the decision can be difficult, and we’re here to provide personalized advice to help you decide. Our goal is to help families protect their loved ones with disabilities, not restrict the individual’s freedom.

If you wish to discuss your options about adult guardianship in Dallas, please contact us online or call Krupa Downs Law, PLLC, at 214-556-3862.