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June 2014 Cortez

What Is a Pet Trust?

ContentsWhat Is a Pet Trust?The Mechanics of the Pet TrustWhat To Do with Extra Funds from the Pet TrustAppointing a Caretaker or New Pet Family to Care for the Pet What Is a Pet Trust? Pet trusts are a trust

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Testamentary Trust

What Are the Advantages of a Testamentary Trust?

ContentsWhat Are the Advantages of a Testamentary Trust?What Are Common Types of Testamentary Trusts?Qualified Terminable Interest Property (QTIP) TrustBypass or Credit Shelter TrustLife Insurance TrustTrusts Can Be Set Up to Manage Your Final Wishes, Whatever Those May Be What Are

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Lady Bird Johnson

How Lady Bird Deeds Can Help You

Medicaid is an important source of long-term income coverage for Americans who lack access to affordable health insurance. However, to qualify Medicaid, the applicant cannot have transferred property without the last five years. This can complicate matters if you want

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